57 Empowering Trucking Company Slogans for New Companies

Just Do It. Think Different. Open Happiness. Because You’re Worth It. And now it’s your turn.

A company slogan is more than an advertising ploy. It’s going to be your theme, your motto, your purpose. It’s your company’s “why” – everything you are about and the reason you exist.

There is a lot to consider before you choose the words which will stand by your logo for the rest of your trucking company’s life. They’re the words your drivers will wear, your trucks will display, and your customers will remember.

Coming up with the right slogan for a new company can take anywhere from several hours to several weeks. It can’t be rushed and there are no shortcuts. You definitely want it to emphasis your strengths, however you also want it to be unique, capturing and accurate.

And more than anything, you want it to be empowering. For you, your staff and your customers. Everyone needs to be proud of your slogan, as they are living up to it every day. Empowerment instils confidence which will lead to the best performance from your team and maximum satisfaction from your customers.

What is a Company Slogan?

Catchy, creative, commendable and memorable. An invitation to your offering.

Slogans are short series of words with these attributes, to briefly and quickly pronounce your company’s ethos. These few words got to stand for what you do and why you do it. Did y’all know it takes almost seven seconds to form a first impression. S-E-V-E-N. That’s quick! And that’s why your slogan has to be short and brief, yet strong and vibrant while oozing with confidence.

There are no short cuts when it comes to creating the right one. You can’t just piece together some words and cross your fingers. This is your opportunity to create a persuasive image in the mind of your consumers. You are trying to sell your service.

Your company slogan is pasted everywhere and becomes the first thing a prospect sees, whether it’s Google, social media, on your trucks or across advertising platforms. Your customers will most likely see your slogan before they see you or experience your service. It’s an opportunity to take them from browsing through your website to actually enlisting your services.

Your slogan appears everywhere, as a reminder for anyone associated with your company to maintain superior service. It will help identify your brand, as well as leave lasting memories for brand recall. If a consumer remembers your brand, they’re going to return to you as well as recommend you to others.

There are a lot of business owners who use rhymes, puns, humor or pop-culture to differentiate their slogan. If your trucking company’s culture falls in line with a more relaxed and personable slogan then something simple and catchy will be perfectly aligned. If you’re all about power and promise however, take a more serious stance to clearly identify your place in the market. Think strong, bold and precise.

How to come up with the best option

Start solo by identifying why you started your trucking company and how you are going to deliver the best service possible. Be honest and as specific as you possibly can be. If it’s money, why do you want more money? If it’s being the fastest, how are you going to be the fastest? Your slogan needs to be as real as possible, which means in alignment with your company’s purpose.

Do you know what your competitors saying? Identifying their strengths is a great place to start so you know to keep it different and promise something even better. Look beyond your competitors at other slogans that have worked on you as a consumer. What comes to mind, and why did they stand out? Were they simple? Funny? Bold?

Turn to others next, internally and externally. Bringing together all the stakeholders within your trucking company is an effective way to do some brainstorming surrounding your mission, vision and values. From here, identify your strengths and any points of difference which sets you apart from other providers.

Focus groups are a great idea for external input. They provide honest insight from unbiased parties who could become customers in the future. Gather a range of people with varying ages and backgrounds, so you have a higher chance of appealing to a broader range of people. What a 26-year-old male finds catchy may differ to what a 57-year-old woman will be drawn too. Once you’ve got your crew together, you can introduce them to your business, and share any slogan suggestions you have come up with. Take in all the feedback, and consider every point before you’ve made any final decisions.  

Before you lock it in

After much consideration and possibly days of thought, it can be hard not to get carried away when you think you’ve come up with the perfect slogan. Over enthusiasm can drive you to overlook important aspects of the slogan before you begin slapping the words across your entire fleet.

“It’s so good, let’s print 100 shirts, 200 caps and 400 stickers today y’all!”

Slow down buddy.

Is it attainable? Like, really attainable all the time? Don’t promise things you can’t make true for every customer just because it sounds good and no one else is using it. If no other company has that slogan yet, this may be the reason why. No trucking provider is going to say, “Timeliness To The Millisecond,” because this will never happen.

The repercussions of any inconsistencies are going to be much worse than any benefits you may have received. Especially now with most people turning their frustration to as many review platforms as possible. Even one slip-up can destroy your company’s reputation and make it very hard to get back.

Another thing to be aware of is originality. Make sure it’s a first for the trucking industry. While the legalities vary based on trademark and use of the slogan, the safest thing to do is steer clear of anything which already exists within your field. If it’s already on a competitor’s letterhead, it’s back to the drawing board. If you’ve come across the slogan in a completely different industry however, it’s generally safe to pursue it given the context is going to be completely diverse.

Think about the long-term. The last thing you need is to get three years into business with a well-recognised slogan, only to change your company’s vision or add a whole different service.

Last, but not least..

You want your slogan to dominate the trucking industry and insinuate consumer loyalty! Can you envision this?? Ask yourself the following questions once you’re confident you’ve come up with the right one.

Are you creating a positive image about your trucking company? Don’t use words like can’t, won’t or haven’t in your slogan. Focus on what you can, will and have done.

Does your slogan support every service you provide? It’s going to be hard to cover every single service you offer if it’s more than delivering loads however, it’s more important for your slogan to be broad enough that it does. You want prospects to know right away you can service their needs, without expecting them to have to scroll through your site or navigate through various menus to know you’re a good fit.

Will your consumers stop and think when they come across this slogan? You want them to wonder why that is your slogan and realize how it’s going to suit their needs more than any other trucking company. Imagine they are scrolling through a series of options and then STOP! They’ve seen your slogan. What’s going to make this happen?

Does your brand stand out from every other? You don’t want your customers rolling their eyes at your well thought out slogan. This is why competitor research is important. You’ll stand out with a unique slogan. People like new things so be different!

Will your slogan increase demand for your service? Your slogan needs to promise something your target customers actually want. And it needs to be memorable, so people will come back to you. It helps if there’s an association with emotions too, which can be a powerful way to engage with consumers.

If it’s a promise, will you deliver on it? Every single time? Can you actually do what you say you will do, for every single service and every single customer?

Ready to roll?

Now that you know what your company is all about and the power of the slogan, it’s finally time to choose one – just for you. These options are a great place to start, if you need some motivation to identify what it is your trucking company values the most and how you are going to maintain superiority within your industry.

  1. Full Service Every Time
  2. Fast and Furious
  3. Always Here, Always There.
  4. Trucking Around For You
  5. Load and Deliver
  6. Yes We Can
  7. Wheely Reliable
  8. Accelerated Satisfaction
  9. Always Drivin
  10. Paced For Satisfaction
  11. We Live Trucks
  12. Here to Serve
  13. So Trucking Good
  14. In Motion For You
  15. Anything’s Possible
  16. All The Way
  17. Anything to Anywhere
  18. Freight With Us
  19. Only The Best
  20. Ahead Of The Race
  21. Wheel Make It Happen
  22. Always Capable
  23. Trucks You’ll Trust
  24. Driven By Our Heart
  25. Ride With Us
  26. Delivering Is Our Jam
  27. Our Trucks. Your Terms
  28. Safety First
  29. You Can, We Will.
  30. Ready to Truck Your World
  31. Promise We Will
  32. Size Matters
  33. Trustworthy Transport. You’ll See.
  34. Every Load Matters
  35. We’re Serious About Your Stuff
  36. Experts in Roads and Loads
  37. Reliable Wheels
  38. Driven To Please
  39. If There’s A Load, There’s a Way.
  40. Driving Perfection
  41. You Need It. We Bring It.
  42. We Like To Move It
  43. Service with Purpose
  44. Top of the Truckers
  45. Dominating Every Drive
  46. Experience The Best
  47. We Only Stop To Rest
  48. Unbeatable Standards
  49. Backbone of the Highway
  50. Delivering Is Happiness
  51. Your Mission, Our Passion
  52. Saving Bucks With Our Trucks
  53. No Mistakes With Your Freight
  54. You Ask, We Deliver
  55. We’re Always Driving
  56. Our Life Is The Highway
  57. Our Truck. Your Highway.

Choose your slogan

Our list is yours for the taking! Think long and hard before you’ve made your final decision because this is for life y’all.

Does one of these empower you? Make you feel proud? If that’s the case, you’re all set to start applying it. Use your own company’s culture and purpose to make variations if necessary, so the slogan really represents why you are the best at what you do. It needs to draw people in, spark curiosity and create a sense of alluding trust. This is how you are going to clarify to the consumer, who you are, what you sell and why they must choose you.

Once you’re all set, think about what processes you can implicate to ensure your slogan will always be enforced in every service you provide. Do what you say you will do and this alone is a powerful force to drive business.

Keep it real y’all.