Master, Duplicate and Scale Up

Somebody asked me, if you can start a trucking company as a side hustle?

I’m gonna be real, ya’ll. I personally like the word hustle and I look at everything as a business. Even if it’s a small company, I’m still gonna operate with the big company mentality.

But the answer is yes.

Can this be a second source of income?

Absolutely, but it’s determined by one thing. Systems.

Are you willing to put the work in and create systems where you don’t have to be so hands on? That’s what I did. After nine years in the industry, putting in 16-hour days for seven years, I was able to master it, duplicate it and then scale up.

“Master it, duplicate yourself and then scale up.”

Those are my three core principles in trucking and in business overall. Master it first, duplicate yourself and then scale up. During my first seven years, I literally just put the work in. I learned all the moving parts and I mastered it ya’ll.

Next, I trained my cousin Rob and duplicated myself. So Rob was able to take all the duties like booking loads, dispatching, payroll, and anything else tying me down to a desk. Rob took all these things off my plate and he did them like I would have done them. I could trust him to continue my work with the same processes and at the same level I was performing at. I was at ease, knowing it was Rob who I trained to be like myself, who was taking over my jobs.

I was able to step away and become a consultant because of that. If I hadn’t trained Rob, I wouldn’t have had my time freed up and I’d never have been able to be the coach I am today. My Complete Trucking Portal and Dispatch Mastery would have taken me so much longer to invest what I’ve invested into them now, and for me to be available for each and every one of my subscribers.

And guess what?

Now Rob has duplicated himself and there are a dozen dispatchers working under him. He’s taken everything he learned and applied it, to earn big and create more opportunities for others.

And I’m in a position where I’ve just bought a new truck or I’m focusing on my community and the coaching. Coaching you guys. I’m always scaling up.

If I wasn’t duplicating myself and if I didn’t duplicate myself in him, I wouldn’t be able to have my time back. So, for me I wouldn’t say my trucking company is side hustle, but it’s definitely a passive income right now. My dispatching service is passive income too because I already duplicated myself.

So again, learn it all first so you can duplicate yourself.

And that’s what the Complete Trucking Portal is here for!