A Quarter Tank Is An Empty Tank

Every time I see an empty fuel container, I get nightmares.

I think about all the times my driver called me and was like, “Yo, I ran out of gas.”

I once ran out of diesel in the truck and got stuck on the highway. It was so funny because, if you got a car and you’re out of gas you can go to a gas station. You can Uber over there real quick and just pour a little fuel in, to get back up and running.

“One thing about these trucks, you can’t just put fuel back in and have it start back up.”

But one thing about these trucks, you can’t just put fuel back in and have it start back up. If it runs out of fuel, it won’t restart right after you got gas and put it in the tank. The truck will not pull the fuel from the tank to the engine if the fuel line is full of air. You must first prime the engine with fuel before attempting a successful restart.

So there’s a process to it and a lot of times you have to call roadside to come out. You end up wasting hundreds and hundreds of dollars because your driver was negligent. Your load is going to be late and your whole schedule can become a mess.

I tell my drivers if that tank is getting close to even a quarter tank, that’s empty. When that meter reaches that level, they get to the nearest gas station and they fill up. My drivers won’t let the truck go past a quarter tank. A quarter tank is an empty tank.

And especially for the diesel exhaust fluid (DEF). If that def gets too low, that’s real dangerous and that’s not good for your engine. Y’all tell your drivers this can’t happen, and show them in the truck where the warning sign is.

So, if you got a truck or you are a driver, keep topping up that fuel tank because take it from me, you don’t need any more issues.