How I Made $2,100 in 10 Minutes

Listen up y’all. You wanna see how I made $2,100 in 10 minutes? For real?

You gotta learn how to get what is owed to you, right?

I’ve been in the industry since 2012 and I’ve been booking loads, negotiating and growing my fleet ever since. And now they call me, the Load Board Killer.

Y’all wanna know why? I learned how to read the market. I learned that every week literally the market changes and I was able to negotiate correctly. That’s what helped me take it to that next level.

So, something that I’ve always been asked to do is book a load, live. And I did it for y’all.  And the views are just getting higher and higher. You seen it yet?

And I love this, ‘cause my goal is for my students to actually be better than me, right?

So I want y’all to keep at it, like I did and watch how to book a load. Watch and then practice and keep at it. If you do something over and over and over again you have no choice but to become a beast at it, right?

“They call me the Load Board Killer. Wanna know why?”

It took me years to learn this all, and now I’m hoping I can shorten that learning curve for you with this portal. That’s my goal. If I would’ve known what I know now, back in 2012 when I first started man, I’d be crazy outta here right now.

Like I’m doing amazing, but I promise you if I would have had that four-year head start with a portal I could have paid for, I wouldn’t have lost that $38,000 that first year. I’d have made my first million a lot sooner.

I wouldn’t have gone out of business. I wouldn’t have got that high blood pressure from the stress of all the mistakes. It’s okay to learn from other people’s mistakes, right? Y’all learnin from mine right now.

So you gotta watch this if you wanna make it big in the industry. And at the end of the video, after I do the live call and I’ve booked a live load I gotta lesson for you guys.

So hit like, leave your comments and tell me what else you need to become better than me. Let’s get it y’all.