How To Quickly Work Your Way Up In The Trucking Industry

You got your business all set up now? Things are moving, but slowly. Your trucks are operating, so why aren’t you delivering loads? This happens all the time, which is why I get asked all the time, how to work your way up in the trucking industry.

You want the real truth y’all?


Once I built real solid relationships, I was able to pivot my company in a really good space. And I’ve kept those relationships as I continue to grow my business, while making even more with the established reputation I’ve built through this process.

“The one thing, that can take your company to the next level is just over-standing right and integrity.”

So next you’ll wanna know how to get those good relationships, right?

It’s about doing extremely good business. Like, overdoing the business. You got to make sure you’re on time with your deliveries and make sure that your work is your mind. People return to you when you can prove to them you are going to do the job you were hired to do. And you gotta do it consistently, and make them feel like you can handle anything.

Y’all gotta communicate too. If their load is gonna be late, you tell them. You tell them before it’s arrived and you tell them why. Don’t be waiting on them to call you when you’ve let them down. You gotta tell your drivers these things too.

Understand what I’m trying to tell you? People wanna feel like they can trust you. Especially when we’re talking about shippers and brokers. You wanna make sure you know when it’s time for them to distribute those contracts because when it’s time for them to pay that top dollar, they’re gonna wanna make sure they’re putting it in the hands of a reputable, trustworthy, trucking company.

So again, the best way to rise up into this trucking industry is by making sure that you do extremely good business and also build those relationships.