Is Your Mom Still Struggling?

In 2012, I knew I wanted to be in a business that was essential. I knew that much. I wanted to run my own company and create opportunities for other people like you.

I knew, after being a promoter and doing all the “cool” stuff, I didn’t care about any of it anymore. I was cool while I was doin it all, and that’s all I got from it. Meanwhile, my Mom was still working, I worked on other people’s terms and I wasn’t earning enough to do anything man.

“Cool” wasn’t gonna help me retire at 40. “Cool” wasn’t gonna help me buy my mother a car with cash. None of this “cool” stuff was gonna help me pay my mother’s house off and make my mother debt free. It just wasn’t gonna do it.

So, to all my movers and shakers on here I need you to understand something. Before you settle for the life you think you want to live. Before you start telling everyone else how you’re killing it and making big money and succeeding in life. Stop and think about what direction you’re headed in y’all.

“You ain’t nothing if your Mom is still struggling.”

You’re not successful if your kids are struggling.

I’m asking you now, how is your Mom living? How are your kids living? That’s what you need to look at. I couldn’t enjoy my crib knowing my mother was still working to pay her bills. I couldn’t sit back and let the money roll in while all this time, my Ma was tryin to get by.

Not my Ma. I wanted her to kick her feet up. I’ve got her now. I never met my father before and she made all the sacrifices. My Ma had three jobs and got us out of Brooklyn. She worked and worked so we had what we needed to get to where we are today. To where I am today. Now she knows, I got it from here. And that’s the best thing I’ve done y’all.

That’s success for me.

That was my biggest accomplishment.

Not my big house which I’ve been building with my own vision and no limits. Not the success of the Complete Trucking Portal or Dispatch Mastery. Even all the lives I’ve already changed aren’t the biggest achievements I’m feelin.

What it was, was getting my mother debt free.

You ain’t nothing if your Mom’s struggling. You ain’t nothing if your kids are struggling. I don’t care what you got going on. If you ain’t taking care of your them first, I don’t want to do business with you. I don’t respect you. I can’t do business with you if I don’t respect you. You need to work out your priorities and get them in the right order. The most important people in your lives can be happy, if you make it happen. And you should.

I lead by example.

Get your mom straight y’all because that’s what really matters.