Do You Need A Manual or Automatic Truck?

Here’s a question I get asked all the time on a super hot topic.

Should you buy a manual or automatic truck?

Three or four years ago I’d have definitely told y’all to get a manual.

In the early stages of technology for automatics, the technology was having trouble adapting. The computers or hydraulic systems hadn’t had time to catch up with what drivers wanted, or weren’t able to figure it out. Drivers complained about transmissions struggling when on inclines or declines, or transmissions sticking in gear when they weren’t supposed to. It’s partially because of this that many drivers favor manual transmission.

But now y’all, technology has adapted. Performance is smooth and almost undetectable. Rarely will a driver run into issues with the shifting mechanisms on their automatic transmissions. These vehicles are two-pedal designs and considered much easier to manage than manual transmissions.

And with the changing times, a lot of drivers going through Commercial Driver’s License schools are only learning how to drive automatics, and come with different skill sets. I don’t even think these new drivers have driven a car with a manual transmission, so they lack even basic knowledge with them. The driver demographic is changing. Older drivers are retiring, and they are not being replaced.

“A lot of drivers going through CDL schools are only learning how to drive automatics.”

That’s why I would now recommend getting an automatic truck. You’re going to increase your options on hiring drivers and also, you ain’t got to worry about the driver tearing up your clutch. There’s going to be greater efficiency on many levels. 

You know what I’m saying?

With the manual, having to shift a manual transmission can contribute to the stress of truck drivers. ‘Cause they need so much concentration, it can strain them and make their job more difficult.

Damaging your clutch can also get expensive with a clutch job which is gonna run you about $1,700.

Stick with an automatic truck and you ain’t got to worry about these things y’all. Your drivers are happy, your trucks are maintained and your fleet continues to remain at the top of it’s game.