Why You Gotta Stick To Double Tires

I get questions in my DMs and emails all the time about truck shopping. Every truck is going to be an investment so you gotta think about it hard before you make your purchase. Asking the right questions is gonna lead to the right one for where your business is headed.

One thing y’all asking is what’s the difference between the super singles and two tires.

I’m gonna be real with y’all.

After nine years in this industry, I’ve had both types of trucks and seen what they can both do and where their strength and weaknesses are at. Now from my experience, I can definitely recommend two tires.

One of the perks that comes with this tire is that a lot of people say you get more fuel mileage. That’s gonna save y’all a lot of gas which means more money in your pocket and less fuel stops for your driver. And it might be a smoother ride because it’s not two different tires.

You also got to understand your truck will break down and, I one hundred per cent guarantee it will be on the highway one day. That’s going to make life difficult for you and your driver, and your client waiting for the load. One thing I love about having double tires is that when the truck blows one tire, you still got one other tire. So you can go ahead and limp over to the truck stop and get a new tire. You ain’t waiting around, making calls and wasting time. If it happens to one of your driver’s, they ain’t calling you with a problem and you may not even need to hear about it until they’re back from their drop.

“Your truck will break down and I one hundred per cent guarantee it will be on the highway one day.”

When you lose a whole side, wherever it blows, is where you’re gonna stay right? Now you got to call a roadside company to come out there and that’s gonna run you a few hundred dollars. And you might wait a whole night for the right tire, with costs just getting bigger and bigger all the while you got a driver doin’ nothin and a client’s load sitting in the truck.

If you had the two tires you could have had the truck just go ahead and limp for a service.

So my personal recommendation? Go ahead and get the two tires. Remember, your truck is an investment. What you put in, you’ll get back and then some.