So You Want To Be An Entrepreneur?

One of the hardest decisions is trying to figure out what lane you’re gonna go in, right?

What industry are you gonna tap into? There are so many different paths to take when you have that moment, discovering you gotta start working for you.

A lot of people wanna be entrepreneurs but don’t know where to start. You wonder if you should stay in your lane and work with where your education has led you to, or do you just throw yourself into an industry which you know is thriving, and you know you can get your hands on the resources you need to get in the game.

For me, it was really organic. I actually got fooled and tricked into trucking because somebody sold me a dream. All I knew at that point was I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I was looking to invest in something and was told if I got a truck, they would get me onto a contract.

My story is unique because I got tricked and then that person left me hanging. I had stuck my claws into something and suddenly had no idea where I was going with it. But my grit and my grind made me realize at that point, I could either sink or swim. I knew I didn’t wanna sink. So I swam, and I swam. I just gave it a shot and I just kept at it and that’s where I am today with trucking.

“Whatever it is that you decide to do, you need to become an absolute beast at it.”

I tell people, whatever it is that you do decide to do, you need to become an absolute beast at it. You really gotta master it and just make the decision and be intentional. You gotta have the drive to do it too, because only you are accountable for your dream. You can’t sit back and wait for opportunities to come to you. Choose your lane and learn. Learn how the industry works, what you are going to bring to it and how you are gonna do this.

I don’t care how small or big y’all gonna be, but whatever it is, be the best at it. That’s what I did once I realized I was going to get into trucking. I figured, this was what God had for me and this was what I was here to do and I just went full speed and kept up with that until I knew what I was doing. I knew I wanted to make it and I wasn’t going to start over. I wasn’t putting all this work in for nothing.

It was the same when I started speaking and coaching. I was pretty good at it but then knew I had to be better. I didn’t wanna just be good at it but I knew I needed to master it. I wanted to be so good, I’d be changing lives and inspiring y’all to go out and get what you deserve.

The results that you guys are seeing today are the aftermath of me deciding that I’m gonna master this and deciding that I’m gonna over-deliver. I’m going to keep learning too, so I can keep being a master at what I’m doing. You can never stop learning y’all. I’m here to over-deliver, because I’ve made sure I can.

And guess what? If you over-deliver in anything, you’ll be overcompensated.

So y’all gotta try.