How To Keep Your First Business Alive

Y’all heard the story before.

In 2012 I started my own company and went out of business after 11 months, for three reasons.

One of them was because, I didn’t have proper money management. Without a proper cushion  I couldn’t handle all the expenses.

The second reason was that I wasn’t a good negotiator. I didn’t know how to read the markets so I was pretty much running loads for the free.

And the third reason was because my trucks kept breaking down. Like they kept breaking down and because money was tight I was just putting band-aids on problems.

So I want you to understand, when I started taking it to the next level I really got serious about my maintenance. I actually put my trucks on a maintenance plan and most importantly, I built a relationship with a reputable and trustworthy but very knowledgeable mechanic.

I can’t sit here and just tell y’all the reason that we were able to become successful is because I got a contract. That definitely was a big help but the contract means nothing if trucks aren’t moving and are in the shop all day.

“Every day you’re truck is sitting in the shop, you’re losing money.”

So what I want all my aspiring fleet owners to do like you’re trying to jump into this game, is to focus on this very, very seriously. I want you to build a relationship with a mechanic. I want you to do some research and make sure that the mechanic shop you’re gonna be working with is official.

My favorite way to find reputable vendors is from referrals. If it’s come from a person you know and trust you can hold them accountable. They have already worked with them, so they know the mechanic takes care of trucks, and doesn’t do patchy jobs. Then you need to build a relationship with your guy. Look after them and they’ll look after you.

I love to go to the shop when I have a little off time, to check on my trucks and to learn more. One thing about me is I don’t care how much I’ve done or how much I’ve accomplished, I’m forever a student.

My mechanic Steve is great, and he helped me and my students stay in business. It’s just so important to have somebody that knows what they’re doing with the proper tools to get you up and running. ‘Cause the thing is, your truck is gonna break down. That’s a guarantee.

You gotta minimize your downtime because every time and every day your truck is sitting in the shop, you’re losing money. You need to have your money management correct and your priorities intact. The goal is to get that truck back up and running because the money that you spent fixing it, you’ll be able to make right back.

So again y’all, build a relationship with your guy. I call Steve and he takes care of me. He even puts me as a priority sometimes, because I take care of him too.

Without this guy, without your mechanic, there ain’t no trucking business.